UI Group
UI Group is a leading provider of safety and security for the society, engaging in a wide range of businesses all across the world.

Message from the top management

We provide the solution
for the safety and security of all people

We create values for the humanity as a leading provider of safety and security for the society.

Founded on September 1, 1961, UI Group is an aviation specialist with core capability in the aviation and defense industries.
Based on the spirit of pushing the limit, innovation and trust, we are proud to be the only company in Korea that has been specializing in an integrated aircraft business ranging from sales to operation and maintenance for the last half a century.
As the new century sees ever fiercer competition, we always refuse to rest within the existing framework and keep challenging ourselves to improve safety and well-being for the humanity by expanding our businesses all across the globe.

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UI Group

Our Principles of Work

We always work in compliance with the values below.

Our Spirits

  • Mission Statement

    We use our business to make the world a safer and richer place.

  • Management Principle

    We base our operation on reason to pursue legitimate profits and value people and the natural environment.

  • Company Slogan

    We always consider the interest of the country and its people in whatever we do.

Group History

2019. Signed an agreement to be a Leonardo Helicopter distributor

Dec. 2016. Recognized by the Minister of the Public Safety and Security

Feb. 2016. Recognized by the Commander of Army Logistics

Feb. 2016. Recognized by the Minister of Defense

May 2016. UI Defense renamed as UI Dynamics

Feb. 2016. 331st UH-1H released after programmed depot management

May 2015. Recognized by the Chief of the West Coast Security Guard

Jul. 2014. Recognized by the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City

Jul. 2014. Recognized by Seoul Metropolitan City for Maintenance of Fire-Fighting Helicopters used for 119 Special Rescue Missions

Mar. 2014 Recognized by the Minister of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration

Jul. 2009. Korea Bell Helicopter renamed as UI Helicopter

Aug. 2008 A new CI adopted for UI Group; Group renamed

Mar. 2008. Korea Technology Corporation renamed as UI Defense

Jan. 2008. UI Helijet Co., Ltd. founded

Jun. 2007. Entered into an agreement to be a distributor of Sikorsky military helicopters

Oct. 2006. Certified as a repair station by the Federal Aviation Administration

Mar. 2006. Certified for AS9110 - Requirements for Aviation Space and Defense Maintenance Organizations (BSL)

Feb. 2006. Signed an agreement with AgustaWestland on exclusive sales of AW139 in Korea

Jun. 2005. Certified for AS9100 - Requirements for Aviation Space and Defense Maintenance Organizations (BSL)

Dec. 2004. Accredited Management Organization (AMO) certified by the Ministry of Construction and Transport

Oct. 2004. Authorized by BELL to modify UH-1H ll (HUEY ll) for the Asia Pacific region

Dec. 2003. Recognized by the Minister of Defense for good employment practices

Feb. 2003. Korea Bell Helicopter selected as a good defense supplier by the Director of the Procurement Headquarters

Apr. 2002 Authorized by the SEI to maintain Bambi Buckets

Mar. 2002. United Industries International Vietnam Co., Ltd. renamed as UII

Sep. 2000 Design registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for a stranding machine for helicopters

Jan. 2000. Life and Health Business Unit kicked off its consulting and construction business

Aug. 1999. Research & Development Facility approved (MOST)

Dec. 1997. Aircraft operation business started

Nov. 1997 United Industries International Vietnam (UIIV) created

Aug. 1997. Awarded a bronze tower by the MInister of Labor for five times longer, incident free operation

Feb. 1997. Certified by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards to have capability to conduct self-regulated inspection of calibration

Nov. 1996. Certified by the Minister of Construction and Transportation to have capability to repair and modify service equipment

Dec. 1995. Certified for compliance with ISO 9002 Quality Management System (Korea Management Association)

Aug. 1994. Permitted and authorized by the Minister of Transport to handle fuel for aircrafts

May 1994. DCU joint venture launched in Vietnam

May 1994. Foreign stake acquired (now 100% locally owned)

Jan. 1991. Appointed as a wartime supplier (under Chungmu 5500)

Dec. 1990. Korea Bell Helicopter appointed as a defense supplier (by the Ministry of Industry and Resources)

May 1989 KBSC renamed as United Airmaterial Center (UAC)

Dec. 1988. Ground heliport authorized (by the Ministry of Construction and Transport)

Jan. 1988. Began maintenance, repair and modification of commercial and military helicopters and their service parts

Jan. 1988. Authorized to maintain Bell made helicopters (Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.)

Sep. 1987. Permitted to produce aircrafts (by the Minitry of Commerce and Industry)

Dec. 1986. Korea Bell Helicopter Co., Ltd. (KBHC) created as a joint venture with Bell Helicopter Textron Inc, (BHTI)

Aug. 1986. Korea Technologies Corporation (KTC) created as a military logistics specialist

Aug. 1986. Authorized to enter into a joint venture between Korea and the U.S. (Ministry of Finance)
Jul. 1980. Korea Bell Supply Center (KBSC) created in Busan

Jan. 1977. United Industries International became a legal entity

Jan. 1962. Signed an agreement to become Bell Helicopter's overseas distributor

Sep. 1961. United Industries International (UII) created

Copyright(c) UI Helijet . All Rights Reserved.

Copyright(c) UI Helijet . All Rights Reserved.